Why Outsource Your Whistleblowing Hotline to Cerebra?

Build trust in the whistleblowing system among your people

Internal hotlines often fail because of a lack of employee confidence and fear of retaliation. Whistleblowing is stressful act. People will speak up only if they trust the whistleblowing system. Fear of retaliation and inaccessibility to the right people who can act on wrongdoing are major factors that keep people silent within companies. People who fear retaliation will always favour the indepedence and impartiality of an outsourced hotline provider.

Increase the volume of disclosures

Surveys shows that an outsourced whistleblowing hotline encourages people to speak up and increases the chance of employees reporting misconducts thus help organisations better prevent and detect misconducts, manage risks, reduce potential losses and​ enhance your organisation’s brand.

Increase Availability

Your employees will be given every chance to report wrongdoing with our secure and confidential reporting channels layered with advanced security features that functions as a 24/7 reporting channel.

Increase Expertise

Outsourcing your hotline to Cerebra means you benefit from a firm which is expert on designing and implementing whistleblowing systems and investigating suspected or actual misconduct. Cerebra has experience and expertise at uncovering economic evidence, detecting and deterring fraudulent activity, and supporting companies and their attorneys involved in an existing or pending litigation, alternative dispute resolution or investigation.

Enhance Reputation

Deploying an independent hotline helps you establish a robust, trustworthy whistleblowing platform that shows your employees and other stakeholders your commitments to doing the right thing and to conduct good business ethically.

Improve Intelligence

Our unique and extensive experience on a wide variety of fraud and forensic investigations enables you to understand the reported wrongdoing, ask the right questions to the whistleblower, thus obtain the most relevant information to assist your potential investigations.

Reduce Costs

Organisations often find it more cost-effective to outsource their hotline, rather than devote resources to an internal solution.