Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

Business Processes and Internal Controls

Fostering integrity and eliminating human error and fraud is a challenge for companies, particularly in times of economic crisis. To succeed, directors and executives must be equipped with appropriate, effective and efficient instruments. Cerebra’s internal control and internal audit services contribute to promote good governance through efficiency, transparency, accountability and integrity of your company.
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Internal Audit

Having an internal audit function provides a vital step in the growth of companies. Internal audits provide a number of important services to company management such as detecting and preventing fraud, testing internal control, and monitoring compliance with company policy and government regulations.
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Forensic Accounting & Fraud Investigation

Fraud, corporate crime, commercial disputes and litigation can put your company’s integrity and reputation at risk. You must ensure that when a problem arises you act quickly and incidents are investigated independently and thoroughly. Cerebra team has a wide range of expertise to offer a comprehensive fraud service.
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Ethics and Compliance

Ethics and compliance programs have become an important tool for evaluating and mitigating noncompliance and fraud risks to improve operations, protect company assets and reputations.
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