Corporate Intelligence

Who are you doing business with? Are they the right organisations or individuals for you to be doing business with? 

Corporate Intelligence is broadly defined as the focused gathering and analysis of information regarding pre-transaction or corporate investigation that is used to help organizations make better decisions in consideration of risk factors. Having robust research techniques and methods for gathering information that are effective, transparent and legal are critical to decide if organizations or individuals who you are doing business with are the right organizations or individuals for you to be doing business with. Information need for analysis can be gathered from different sources such as company’s records, public records, open sources, proprietary databases, interviews, and conversations with experts.

Assessing the integrity and reputation of a company or an individual is important before making any major decision as the lack of which may result in damaging consequences. As an example, due diligence obligations on third parties have recently expanded in the wake of various laws such as the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and the UK Bribery Act. Under most of these laws, corporate criminal liability can be triggered when a bribe is paid by or through third parties including agents, consultants, suppliers, distributors, joint-venture partners, or any individual or entity that has some form of business relationship with the company.

How Cerebra Can Help

Cerebra provides add value to clients with an objective and independent perspective in the following major business decision making processes:

  • Merge & acquisition due diligence
  • Enter a new market
  • Third party due diligence
  • Disputes and investigations
  • Client or prospective business partners acceptance
  • Hiring key personnel

We can assist our clients to assess risks to their business integrity, reputation, and brand through:

  • Company Searches: Company, shareholder, director profiles, financial research, reference checks, reputational intelligence, litigation checks, media searches, site visits, questionnaire analysis, document review and interviews, asset verification, background checks.
  • Individual Searches: Reference checks, reputational intelligence, litigation checks, asset verification, media searches, questionnaire analysis, reverse directorship check, financial research, background checks.

Our experienced team is the difference in solidly researching the items important to our clients. We can tell you what information is available, and our clients let us know what is most important to them. With this process, we customize each intelligence investigation.