Fikret Sebilcioğlu Contributed to a Panel Discussion in the Good Governance for State-Owned Enterprises Conference – April 2016

In cooperation with Corporate Governance Association of Turkey, Argüden Governance Academy organized “Good Governance for State- Owned Enterprises” Conference for public and private sector leaders with the contributions of Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Undersecretaries of Treasury and Union of Turkish Public...
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Fikret Sebilcioğlu Made Speech at the Event Jointly Organised by Bilgi University and ACFE Turkey – April 2016

The second "Fraud Awareness Seminar - University Meetings" was held at the İstanbul Bilgi University on 6 April 2016 jointly organized by İstanbul Bilgi University, İstanbul Bilgi University Business Ethics Implementation and Reseach Center and ACFE Turkey. The topic was "The Impact of Occupational Frauds on...
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Today (31 March 2016) is the Deadline for Electronic Notification Applications! - March 2016

As per the Tax Procedures Law General Communiqué series no. 456 published in the Official Gazette dated 27 August 2015, income tax and corporate tax payers have been obliged to use e-mail address to receive the notifications submitted by the tax office. In accordance with the said Communiqué...
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Fikret Sebilcioğlu, Managing Partner of Cerebra, Has Been Elected as the New Board Member of ACFE Turkey - March 2016

26 March 2016  (İstanbul, Turkey) - ACFE Turkey, Turkish Chapter of Association of Certifed Fraud Examiners, recently completed its board elections and seven board members were elected to two year terms. ACFE Turkey's board of directors are elected by members.
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We Have Launched Our New Website - March 2016

We are pleased to announce the launch of our newly designed website!
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