Cerebra is Celebrating the 10th Anniversary - May 2019

As Cerebra Accounting and Advisory firm, we are proud of celebrating our 10th anniversary.

Cerebra started its operations in 2009 in a small office. In the early years Cerebra provided services in the fields of independent audit, financial reporting, family businesses and accounting. As of beginning of 2014, Cerebra changed its strategy to focus on specific services with high added value and a high degree of difficulty and complexity.

Our firm moved to a new office in 2018 in order to maintain its developing service diversity and growing activities more efficiently, to create an agile and inclusive environment for its approximately 35 employees, and to provide better service to its national and international clients.

Today, Cerebra continues to develop and offer services to its clients in the areas of accounting compliance and reporting, business processes and internal control systems structuring, internal audit, fraud prevention and investigation, anti-bribery and ethics and compliance.

The latest development in Cerebra is a new future-focused evolution and an initiative. In this period, when technology and digital transformation are beginning to deeply affect industries and business processes, it is inevitable that our services are presented to our clients with different techniques and tools. With this in mind, in order to offer all its services driven by technology, big data, data analytics, robotics / automation applications, Cerebra has embarked on a new journey that will probably never come to an end. In the business world where data is an indispensable raw material, Cerebra is determined to continue its journey on one hand to provide its current services more effectively and on the other hand to develop new services from the risk management and business performance perspectives.  

Lat but not least: We sincerely thank our employees, clients and business partners who helped us to grow over the past 10 years

Happy 10th Anniversary!