2018 Fraud Awareness Week is Approaching Do You Want to Shine a Spotlight on Fraud That Costs You a Lot

Fraud Awareness Week, organised by Association of Certified Fraud Examiners between 11-17 November 2018, promotes transparency and integrity about fraud. It brings together everyone and start discussions amongst peers, co-workers, executives and stakeholders in the community to raise awareness and share good practice in tackling fraud and financial crime.

We are honoured that Cerebra CPAs & Advisors is the official supporting organization of the International Fraud Awareness Week for three years in a row. Cerebra commits to donate its time and resources to fight fraud by minimising the impact of fraud via promoting anti-fraud awareness and education. Cerebra will take the initiative to increase fraud awareness during the week by organizing activities and posting on social media using informative images with the tag #fraudweek to demonstrate its zero tolerance to fraud policy.

The first step to getting involved is for you, or your organization, to sign up as a supporter at FraudWeek.com. Once signed up, you can use any free resources provided on the Fraud Awareness Week website to help spread fraud awareness. You can use interactive fraud knowledge quiz, animated videos that explain why fraudsters commit fraud and new infographics. Whether you use this week to spearhead new anti-fraud initiatives within your organization, or turn your message outward to the community as a whole, any work you do will help to reduce and mitigate fraud risk.

Sharing your support for Fraud Awareness Week with the public establishes your organization as a trustworthy body within your industry. In addition to signing up, there are many other ways you can show your dedication to fraud prevention and awareness.

Be a part of the fight against fraud and use Fraud Awareness Week as an opportunity to prevent fraud.