Does Your Company Have a Conscience?

Companies employ people with different moral values and expect them to act according to the company’s code of ethics. Since everybody has a conscience which is sustained by their moral values, can a company create a corporate conscience while it brings people with different moral values together?
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Mind the Gap: Do Your Internal Controls Functions as Intended?

Monitoring process is one of the most critical elements of your internal control system which helps to understand, assess and reduce gaps between design and operating effectiveness of your internal control. Would you dare not to mind these gaps?
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Unchanging Gears of Corporate Governance in a Changing World Ethics and Compliance

Business ethics, compliance and integrity, are perhaps the most critical and unchanging facts of the business world which form the core of everchanging corporate governance practices. What makes us (or what should make) so “conservative” in these matters when we think that we need to keep up with this change?
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Watch Out for The Money ThatYou Touch it Could be Too Dirty!

Think of a country to where money comes from all around the world. The sender of the money is not the same with the receiver. It is not clear how it is earned and who sent it either. This money is exempt from taxation and tax inspection and there is a guarantee for that.
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Using an Outside Service Provider in Managing Accounting Finance Function is Becoming Common

Outsourcing (contracting an organization’s services to an external provider) has many benefits for any organization. Non-operating activities such as bookkeeping, financial reporting and payroll performed by a qualified outsourcing firm can help the company’s management to focus on their core competencies.
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