Supporting Solidarity Association for the Physically Disabled

We as Cerebra are strong defenders of business ethics and integrity. Moreover we as the Cerebra Family are strong believers in social moral values and virtues. 

In 2017 we set out for a social responsibility project under the supervision of our partner Ömer Tunabaş. A project team was formed consisting of Gizem Taştemel and Aycan Gülenç.  This team worked in detail to determine where the Cerebra Family could have the greatest impact in terms of social awareness and responsibility.

The team decided that this effort should be a continuous one and we should start with the first step.  So we contacted the Solidarity Association for the Physically Disabled. The Solidarity Association for the Physically Disabled is a public-benefit organization. The Association is founded with a view to contributing to the educational and healthcare needs of all orthopedic disabled people of the Republic of Turkey, and making sure they are in social solidarity. The Association takes actions for disabled people within its body regardless of religion, language, race, origin and gender. We listened to their needs and decided to contribute for battery powered wheelchairs and education scholarship.

We were very pleased with the sincerity of our personnel and their efforts made to make this contribution come true.