Support Non-Profit Organizations

Transparency International, the leading civil society organisation fighting corruption worldwide, promotes transparency, accountability and integrity at all levels and across all sectors of society. Cerebra, as the corporate member of Tranparency International Turkey, fights against corruption by being engaged in various projects. In addition, our managing partner, Fikret Sebilcioğlu, is the vice chair and the board member of Tranparency International Turkey. 


The ACFE, the world’s largest anti-fraud organization, is dedicated to reducing the incidence of fraud and white-collar crime through prevention, detection and education. Cerebra puts efforts to reduce business fraud in Turkey and inspire public confidence in the integrity and objectivity within the profession. Cerebra has been a corporate member of ACFE Turkey since 2014. Fikret Sebilcioğlu is an active member of the association and currently member of ACFE Turkey Advisory Committee.

The Ethics and Reputation Society (TEID) is established to promote business ethics and compliance culture in the Turkish companies and guide them to create their ethics and compliance programs. Cerebra, as the corporate member of TEID since 2014, helps Turkish companies prevent corruption and strengthen ethics, transparency and integrity at the workplace. Our managing partner, Fikret Sebilcioğlu is the member of the Board of Directors of TEID. 

Corporate Governance Association of Turkey (TKYD) aims to develop and promote adherence to corporate governance standards and guidelines in Turkey. Cerebra has engaged in various projects with TKYD to help publicly-held & family-owned companies, civil society organizations and business journalists enhance their governance structure. Our managing partner, Fikret Sebilcioğlu, has served as the Board of Directors of TKYD for 6 years from 2009 to 2015.