The Corporate Governance Handbook for Business Journalism

Our Managing Partner, Fikret Sebilcioğlu has been the lead co-writer of the guidelines “The Corporate Governance Handbook for Business Journalism”. 

“The Corporate Governance Handbook for Business Journalism” provides a new and significant insight to the efforts of the Corporate Governance Association of Turkey (TKYD). Since 2003, the scope of corporate governance has been expanding into public corporations, privately-held corporations, government business enterprises, non-governmental organizations and sports clubs, and TKYD continues to be a leader with its informative and practical handbooks and guides.

Having close relations with the business world, the media has been increasing its scope and impact everyday by utilizing recent technological advances. While the business journalist observes the fair, transparent, accountable and responsible management principles, where the corporate governance aims to shape its principles on behalf of all relevant shareholders, the media plays a key role in educating the business world, its investors and the greater public about corporate governance and its role and benefits.

As a result of new laws and regulations, we need to reexamine how we review all corporate governance principles. The common goal is to provide the business journalist with the framework to recognize the internationally accepted corporate governance principles as the benchmark in his/her reporting and to be able to question the context and generate suggestions. Our goal in preparing this publication is to give journalists the information and resources needed to accurately provide information to the public in a timely and detailed manner, and to provide them with research and information and international practices and standards.